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     Argox Label Printers & Barcode Scanners
    Argox AS-8250 Long Range Linear Scanner With Stand
    Long Range 2D Barcode Imager
    All Standard Linear Barcodes,2D Symoblogy: PDF417
    Scanning Depth: 0 to 10 inches
    Scan Speed: 200 Scans / sec
    Optical System: 2048 pixel CCD
    Optional Handsfree operation with Stand for continuous read mode

    Rs. 5500/- including stand Order Online
     Argox Label Printers & Barcode Scanners
    Argox AS-8250 Long Range Linear Scanner
    Long Range 2D Barcode Imager
    All Standard Linear Barcodes,2D Symoblogy: PDF417
    Scanning Depth: 0 to 10 inches
    Scan Speed: 200 Scans / sec
    Optical System: 2048 pixel CCD
    Optional Handsfree operation with Stand for continuous read mode

    Rs. 4250 Order Online
    Datalogic QD2130 Long Range Barcode Scanner
    Long Range Barcode Imager With Targeting Green Dot Technology
    Easily Reads Damaged or poor print barcodes
    All Standard Linear Barcodes
    Scanning Depth: 0 to 14 inches 100% EAN/GS1 Barcode
    ambient Light 100,000 lux
    Drop resistance Withstands repeated drops from 1.5 m / 5.0 ft onto a concrete surface.
    Optional Handsfree operation with Stand for continuous read mode

    Rs. 7000 Order Online
    Honeywell (Metrologic) MS-5145 Eclipse Laser Scanner
    Eclipse? is a low cost laser-based alternative to CCD scanners.
    CodeGate® : Ideal for menu scanning applications
    CodeSense® : Automatically switches from pulse mode to continuous beaming when a bar code is detected
    Powerlink cables : Uses the same user-replaceable cables and power supplies as Voyager®, Orbit® and Cubit®
    Flash ROM : Update firmware from any PC via MetroSet2® software provided by Metrologic
    OPOS and JPOS system compatible : Easily adaptable to any end-user system environment

    Rs. 3700 Order Online
    Motorola (Symbol) LS-2208-AP Laser Scanner
    Handheld Laser Barcode Scanner
    Fast performance at 100 scans per second
    Reduced Space Symbology (RSS)
    Hands-free Intellistand (optional)
    Bright LED and beeper with adjustable volume
    Advanced Data Formatting (ADF) enables users to modify data prior to sending to host computer

    Rs. 7200 Order Online
     Symbol Barcode Scanners
    Symbol (Motorola) LS 1203 Laser Barcode Scanner
    LS1203 laser scanner is a low cost laser-based alternative to CCD scanners.
    Durable construction: single board construction; meets Motorola’s stringent 5 ft. drop tests
    Ergonomic hybrid design featuring sleek, lightweight, balanced form factor
    Intuitive scanning; plug and play design

    Rs. 4250 Order Online
    Honeywell (Metrologic) MS-7120 Orbit Omni Directional Scanner
    Omni Directional Barcode Scanner
    Scan Speed 1200 scan lines per second
    Light source Laser diode 675 nm
    Width of field 8.5 inches
    Roll,Pitch,Yaw 360°, 60°, 60°
    Scan Pattern 5 fields of 4 parallel lines
    (omnidirectional),20 lines total

    Rs. 17000 Order Online
    Honeywell (Metrologic) Xenon 1900 2D Barcode Scanner
    Omnidirectional scanning of all standard 1D, PDF417, microPDF, composite, Matrix and Postal Codes
    Captures and transmits sharp images in a variety of outputs: jpg, bmp, tiff
    Rugged housing - build for the toughest industrial environments
    Precision target sighting - bright laser line for quick and easy aim and shoot performance
    Automatic stand detection feature for convenient in-stand scanning
    Firmware update via Flash ROM
    Datalogic QD 2430 2D Barcode Scanner / Imager
    Low Cost Economic But Effective Solution For 2D Codes
    Imaging Technology
    Perfect For Retailers
    New Illumination And Aiming System
    Omnidirectional reading
    Drop resistance to 1.5 m / 5.0 ft
    ACE 100 Barcode Slot Reader
    Barcode Slot Reader
    Scan speed 100~1000 mm/sec
    Resolution 0.15 mm (6 mil) / PCS 0.9
    Light Source 660 nm visible red / infrared 940 nm
     Argox Label Printers & Barcode Scanners
    Argox AS 8020 Cordless Barcode Scanner
    The new AS-8020CL Cordless Scanner is the wireless
    version of our popular AS-8000 Scanner. It offers the
    same advantages in speed, depth-of-field, reliability,
    sleek styling, and ease-of-use, but now there is
    wireless capability to give operators greater mobility
    for scanning those tough to reach barcodes.
    The AS-8020CL cordless scanner is perfect for retail
    applications. It is easy to operate, light-weight and
    comfortable to use. This scanner reads all common
    barcode symbologies from contact up to a distance of
    125mm. The rubber housing allows contact scanning
    for faster scans. An outstanding cordless scanner for
    retail applications, the AS-8020CL provides unbeatable
    performance in a cost-effective package
     Argox Label Printers & Barcode Scanners
    Argox AS 8520 Cordless Barcode Scanner
    The AS-8520 long Range Cordless Imager provides a
    high performance scanning with a rapid scan rate
    (450 scans/sec) and superior depth of field (up to 40
    inches on 40-mil codes). Utilizing Argox’s unique
    wireless-communication technology, the AS-8520
    operates with a 100-meter data transmission range.
    Accompanying with a long-lasting Li-ion battery pack
    and IP42 sealing level design, the AS-8520 offers the
    freedom of mobility of barcode scanning and
    outstanding durability in a wide range of applications
    including business offices for shipping / receiving,
    supermarkets, warehouses and manufacturing.
    Motorola (Symbol) LS 4278 Wireless Barcode Scanner
    Integrated Bluetooth
    Ensures secure wireless transmission of data.
    Multi-line rastering scan pattern
    Eliminates the need for exact aim and positioning.
    Long-life industrial charging contacts
    Yield reliable performance, rated to 250,000+ insertions.
    Wide working range
    Reads good- and poor-quality bar codes at similar ranges, reducing the need for extra scanning movement.
    Superior motion tolerance
    Eliminates the need to pause between scans.
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            3S Industries provides and distributes a wide range of durable, reliable and efficient thermal transfer printers and barcode scanners from low end and cheap handheld barcode scanners to high end industrial, portable bar code scanners, wireless scanners, flatbed, tabletop, cordless scanners, bluetooth scanners, mobile scanners, receipt printers for Retailers, products for compliance labeling, chemists shops ,wine shops, retail counters, point of sales (POS) ,time and attendance , warehouses ,shopping malls , supermarkets jewelry shops, lottery vendors, healthcare, garment exporters ,consumer goods exporters , automobile industry ,retail management, logistics, areospace , supply chain management systems and barcoding in India. We supply thermal transfer ribbons and blank die-cut labels suitable for thermal transfer printing. We also provide barcode verifiers and barcode verification service all over India thus providing a complete barcode solution to our customers.

    All Printers can be supplied with Cabled Ethernet or Wireless WiFi 802.11G network option.

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