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     Bar code technology has been behind the scenes in industries like Healthcare, Automotive and Manufacturing for decades, and CODESOFT bar code labeling and integration software has been leading the way with a full complement of advanced features that offer an enhanced level of data connectivity, security and interoperability.

     With CODESOFT 7, you can easily integrate bar code printing into your business environment, dramatically enhancing both efficiency and control. Whether your priority is managing assets and resources, controlling distribution channels and stock levels, tracking documents, or managing data records, CODESOFT 7 provides a powerful solution for your organization`s most advanced labeling projects.

     Different uses demand different bar code symbologies— like Data Matrix in the Automotive industry, or UPC/EAN in the Retail industry. Whatever your business may be, you will benefit from CODESOFT 7 and its ability to meet your specific application requirements— today and in the future.

Data Connectivity, Security

The Power to Connect to the Information Technology World

     Globalization and customization are key words in our modern business environment, so data integration has to be as flexible and open as possible. Data in multiple languages arrives from everywhere - it may start out as a Microsoft® Word file, a Lotus® spreadsheet, or database on a host computer. Now with CODESOFT 7`s powerful data management capabilities, the data-to-label operation is easily accomplished.
     CODESOFT 7 is the perfect label design software to connect thermal printers to mainframes through any enterprise network. It allows the integration of data, whatever the data source. This connectivity can be achieved through specifically developed links to the most popular enterprise software packages on the marketplace, or through middleware solutions specifically designed for CODESOFT software.

The Power of Enhanced Enterprise Features

Explained Below

     CODESOFT label design software gives you the power to design and print labels with ease and flexibility. Whether you need to print text, bar codes or graphic images, fixed or from databases, you now have an enhanced level of connection, administration security, and programming capability. It supports TrueType fonts, bar codes from 41 standards, bi-dimensional codes from 9 symbologies and the ability to print to over 1000 thermal/thermal transfer printers, or any Windows® printer.

  1. Document Browser The interface lists every object and allows quick access for modifications.
  2. Tools Powerful tools are available for managing user security, automating print jobs, connecting to serial devices and more.
  3. Drag-and-Drop Design Select the object to define (text, bar code or graphic), then just drag-and- drop the variable name from the label browser into the workspace.
  4. UNICODE Connect the label to any UNICODE data, including text files, databases, cut/paste operations and more.
  5. Fit to Frame Allows text to be automatically adjusted to fit the required box dimensions.
  6. OLE DB/ODBC Connectivity Access all popular database formats using OLE DB/ODBC technology.
  7. Linear and 2D Bar Codes Includes all popular linear symbologies, plus new 2D bar codes including PDF417, Aztec Code and Data Matrix.
  8. Form Mode Allows cell (color and font) customization and saving of the environment for every label.
  9. Shapes Circles, ellipses, oblique lines, rounded rectangles and polygons can be designed and custom colored.
  10. Industrial Graphics Hundreds of industrial graphics for specific industries...
  11. Data Sources Share fields among labels, count labels, and use formulas to comply with standards.
Interoperability for Enterprise-wide Printing

    Advanced Label Design

  • Multiple Docurhent Interface (MDI) displays several labels at the same time, giving you the ability to work on several files simultaneously and easily copy and paste objects between labels.
  • Document Browser, which can be displayed or not, permits one tab to list the different objects incorporated into the labels and to easily access each one of them. On an alternate tab, the data sources allow you to control the link between the objects and the sources.
  • Lock/Unlock Objects allows you to authorize or restrict access to certain functions or properties of an object.
  • Preview feature allows you to view graphics and labels before opening the file.
  • Advance Text Capabilities like Rich Text formatting, auto sizing,on-screen editing, multiple sources in a paragraph and more.
  • Compliance Label Samples allow for quick and easy label design, or design your own custom labels from scratch.

    Linear And 2D Barcodes

  • Bar Code Assistant: UCC/EAN 128 Assistant helps the user create UCC/EAN 128 bar codes in accordance with international standards.
  • Support of all major 2D bar codes: Data Matrix, Aztec, RSS, Code 16, QR Code, PDF 417 and MicroPDF 417, MaxiCode.
  • Support of all major linear bar codes: Code 39, UPC/EAN standards, EAN 128, Code 93 and more.

    Database Connectivity / Data processing

  • UNICODE support makes the software fully compatible with UNICODE Databases and files.
  • Supports OLE DB technology as well as ODBC and native ASCII files.
  • Multiple Data Sources like counters, printer dates, formulas, lookup table fields.
  • Flexible Data Source Options allow you to store values in files and share them among labels, accumulate values, store pre-defined lists and more.


  • User Manager gives the administrator the ability to define each user access rights for label modifications, printing capabilities, database access, interface customization and general use of the software.
  • Job Modifier allows you to alter printer code on the fly.
  • Font Downloader downloads non-resident Windows fonts directly to thermal printers so they appear as printer resident fonts, improving printer speed and output capacity.
  • Batch Print Manager helps in the creation of custom batches for multi-document print jobs, using the label file name and label quantity as variable data.
  • HTML Forms Generator allows you to create a customized user interface for label printing.
  • Code Converter makes it possible to import files from any application in most printer languages, and print to any bar code printer.
  • ActiveX Automation version 2 interface (Microsoft@ COM compliant) allows developers to create and print labels dynamically from their own application by programming through Visual.Net, Windows Scripting, Visual Basic, Visual C, Delphi and many other languages.

    Powerful Add-ons

  • POF Manager Create and modify printer object files through a user-friendly interface.
  • Command File Interpreter (CFI) Populate print jobs (data files) to be printed automatically.
  • TEKLYNX PRINTPAD 6000 Standalone bar code printing terminal.
  • TEKLYNX WEDGEWARE Data acquisition software from any serial or TCP/IP device.

    The Most Output Options

          When it comes to maximizing your printer`s performance, CODESOFT 7 provides an unmatched level of control. CODESOFT 7 allows you to take advantage of your printer`s capabilities to print large runs of labels in a very short time. With its intuitive interface, operators can easily specify printer options including print speed, cUt settings and more.

          Only TEKLYNX CODESOFT label design software supports over 1000 thermal/thermal transfer printers including Allen, A very, Datamax, Eltron, Intermec, Novexx, Open Date, Paxar-Monarch, Printronix, TEe, Zebra, as well as any Windows-based printer.

          With CODESOFT 7 software you also have the ability to design Radio Frequency Labels (adhesive labels fitted with an electronic chip) through a user-friendly interface. CODESOFT gives you the ability to print and program Radio Frequency Labels simultaneously.

CodeSoft 7 Features Matrix

CODESOFT Sprint Premier Enterprise
Print-only version     *
Network version     *
Printer code converter   * *
Multi-level undo (1) (40) (40)
Auto Save document * * *
Password (one level)   * *
Hidden (unprintable) objects   * *
Graphic formats import * * *
Color support * * *
Color graphic reduction   * *
Graphic bar codes (9) (All) (All)
Native printer bar codes * * *
Object positioning   * *
Command line options     *
Label preview * * *
Multi-Level password protection     *
Full justify * * *
Preview graphics/labels * * *
Multilingual support * * *
Export label as a graphic     *
Import from FTP     *
Word hyphenation option     *
Long file names * * *
TCP/IP Printing   * *
OLE special paste   * *
Fit to frame option     *
Grid view/print   * *
RF Tag management     *
Lock/Unlock objects     *
Datasource Management
Flexible date stamping * * *
Flexible time stamping   * *
Propose values/PickList   * *
Variable graphic images   * *
Shared variables   * *
Value from a file   * *
Output mask   * *
Counting bases (Dec) (Dec/Alph) (All)
Linked counters     *
Linked counters     *
Add an offset to a date (fixed only) (any) (any)
Accumulate value   * *
Database Management
Create/edit query   * *
Save query     *
Grid view/print   * *
ASCII database/ODBC/OLE DB   * *
Multiple tables     *
Filters on tables   * *
Database Manager * * *
SQL mode     *
Job Modifier * * *
UCC/EAN 128 wizard,
MaxiCode wizard
  * *
Font downloader * * *
COMet     *
HTML forms generator     *
User Manager     *
Printing Logfile     *
Batch Print Manager   * *
UFO read   * *
ActiveX version 2/Active X version 1     *
Form Management
Customizable   * *
Set input format   * *
Minimum input length   * *
Automatic prompt   * *
Command File Interpreter (CFI) add-on     *
POF configuration manager  
Add-on EMEA
Add-on EMEA
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